Heroes — Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir

How Jean Renoir got to be one of my heroes:

Among my favorite Renoir films: The Grand Illusion (La Grande illusion), The Rules of the Game (La Règle du jeu, in which Renoir also appears as an actor), and The Human Beast (La Bête humaine).

This post, continuing a series of seven, is unabashed hero worship. A few years ago, making up an earlier version of this page, I decided that among all the filmmakers I’ve liked, there were seven who really especially blow me away.

I’ve had time to think since, and haven’t changed my mind. There are plenty of “honorable mentions” I love, but there are seven who are extra special and this is one of them.

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2 Responses to Heroes — Jean Renoir

  1. bennythomas says:

    I fully agree with you there. Renoir’s contribution to Cinema makes him worthy of hero worship.

  2. John says:

    Renoir is relatively new to me but I’m starting to go bananas for him. If I were doing a top seven of my own, he’d definitely get consideration.

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