Al Gore — on gay rights and gay marriage

I have no comment on this. There’s no way I could improve it. It says just what needs to be said — succinctly. precisely.

I am preparing other posts about being gay, including analyses of recent scientific work whose authors have shared copies of their published articles. But, right now, I’d like to help publicize Al Gore’s statement without pretending I can add to its exactness.

. . . Actually, though, I do have one comment about Al Gore. It’s what I’ve thought for years, and even far more so since the Nobel Prize. There’s been a link to in my sidebar all along. I mean, I have to support one of the few politicians who’s in contact with reality — and, in his case, on many issues. But now, Gore’s statement on gays makes my sense of conviction about him as complete as my sense of loss: “Why isn’t this man our president?

Read Al Gore’s original internet post at and the subsequent discussion: “Gay men and women should have the same rights.”

Read Tobin Harshaw’s coverage in the New York Times: “It’s widely agreed that Al Gore, private citizen, has done more to move the global political debate than Al Gore, elected official, ever did. . . . Will Gore’s comments up the ante for the candidates if they want to be seen as sincere?”

If, like me, you want Al for president, here’s

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