A role for information technology

Note: this was posted in 1997 to an early internet
experiment. For more of my posts, please see
The Hyperforum on Sustainability.

a sustainable, global world -- the Earth

One point of an earlier entry was to argue that the importance of the role of information technology is that it could potentially provide basic infrastructure to meet the call for “the ability of a society to see patterns in a whole (in the one case, across the population, and, in the other case, across time) and then to be able to knit together policies that were effective over a diverse range of goals.”

One could imagine a forum like the present one but with the ability to present analytic tools intermingled with text. A user could develop analyses: live scenarios in which mechanisms would have to be explicitly introduced and their consequences would be consistently applied. Such live analyses could be shared with and extended by others collaboratively until the community had a sense that the problem was reasonably understood and that the proposed solutions would meet the range of goals.

The idea would be that it ought to be a function of intelligent beings to use their intelligence to make tools for replacing conflict with solutions in which everybody wins at least something.

Sat, 22 Feb 1997 02:31:34 GMT

For more, please see
The Hyperforum on Sustainability.

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