Is that what will come? or will we have BPR?

Note: this was posted in 1997 to an early internet experiment.
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a sustainable, global world -- the Earth You certainly gave me a good installment on what I asked for. But, of course, you raise some questions. “Let’s talk about what is really important: money, and how you make it . . .” (It’s nice to have friends with a sense of humor.) Hammer and Champy, in the first chapter of their book “Reengineering the Corporation,” try to sell the necessity of reengineering by describing much the same pressures that you do. Their discussion, somewhat sentimental in comparison with your William Cameron Menzies approach, identifies the components of the problem as customers, competition, and change.

Hammer and Champy’s answer seems to share at least some features with yours, “Now the kind of mentality required . . .” The short version of their answer is reengineering: “the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, and speed.”

H&C emphasize shaping the processes in terms of what the firm does that adds value to the customer, rather than your “what the firm does that produces profit.” (They kind of seem to think that the former will inevitably produce the latter.)

H&C certainly don’t capture the marvellous sense of the dynamics of the process that you do when you speak of “Recognizing the next big wave and positioning the company to create and milk another cash cow, capturing the “bubble of value” before it bursts, constructing short-term production and distribution alliances . . .”

One thing that’s clear under either their scenario or yours is the fundamental enabling role of information technology. Not just what we classically think of: facts like those needed to recognize the next big wave. Much more what’s important is the infrastructure that’s obviously a prerequisite to constructing (and coordinating) short-term production and distribution alliances.

To return to the Moderators’ questions, what among these outcomes are possible or desirable, and what kind of policies are needed to improve them?

Wed, 26 Feb 1997 03:10:50 GMT

For more, please see The Hyperforum on Sustainability.

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