(Unhealthy) capitalists and slugs

Note: this was posted in 1997 to an early internet experiment.
For more, please see my page The Hyperforum on Sustainability.

a sustainable, global world -- the Earth

Beautifully put!

I think of these insatiable capitalists in the same way I do about the slugs that infest my garden. I will put out a bean seedling, with just its two starter leaves. The slugs will come and eat the two leaves, killing the plant.

What I would like to say to them, if they were rational, is “Look, if you just let the plant grow it would soon have lots of regular leaves, much bigger. Further, I’m not actually interested in the leaves, but in the beans: the leaves are only a means to an end for me. If you would just come back in a month or two, I could give you perhaps 5 large leaves per day, with little detriment to my bean production.”

Unfortunately, they’re not rational.

The usual solution for the slugs is to put out traps that are essentially little bowls of beer and let them drown themselves ignominiously in their own greed.

You suggest that the solution for the capitalists is mental health. Surely, yes. I am wondering what you’re going to tell Allen and Bruce under this heading next week when they move us into “Actions.” I’m also wondering about Plan B.

But, yes.

Thu, 27 Feb 1997 17:59:46 GMT

For more, please see The Hyperforum on Sustainability.

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