This blog is under (re)construction. Please be patient.


Imagine, if you will, that I’m the one working late in the evening on the other side of this window.  What I’d be doing is rebuilding this blog.

A few years ago, I wrote a lot here — daily, in fact.  And my posts received surprisingly many visits. Considering the kinds of non-current things I write about, it was nice to know that so many people kept visiting and still do.  Thanks!

Then I neglected the blog for a while and found out that even software deteriorates.  For example, Amazon changed the links to their pictures of the books that I talked about and so those pictures started showing up here as blank.  Many pages stopped looking as nice as I originally designed them to be.

Now I’d like to start posting again.  And also to repair the damage that’s occurred.  And also to change the format to a less compressed one that will allow me to post nice, wide pictures like the one above.

While I’m making these changes, things are going to be a mess.

Sorry!  I hope you’ll like the way it looks when I’m finished. I’ll continue the old series of posts.  (The indexes for them are now in the tabs at the top of each page.)  And I’ll post pictures.

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2 Responses to This blog is under (re)construction. Please be patient.

  1. Roy Durfee says:

    Happy New Year! to you and Joan from Perry, NY, where I am visiting Sandy. Would love to hear from you guys…impressive body of work found by Googling William P. Coleman Math. How ya doing? Just started social security, working part-time still at University of New Mexico Department of Cinematic Arts. Hope you are well. thanks…roy

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Bill & Joan,

    just to check both of you are OK, wish you a happy 2011 and will get in touch again soon…

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