Story Structure

clytorestes In this series of posts I offer examples mostly from art and music to help us see what the structural elements in stories are — besides “3-act structure” — which is about the only thing that screenplay books talk about.

The posts in the series are:

  1. Pieter Brueghel and W.H. Auden
  2. Two Frescoes, by Giotto and by Taddeo Gaddi
  3. Beethoven — String Quartet in C Sharp Minor, Number 14, Opus 131
  4. Perugino and Raphael
  5. Star Wars (the original: is there any other?)
  6. de Hooch and Matisse
  7. Sassetta (approximately)
  8. Jan van Eyck — The Arnolfini Wedding (perspective as structure)
  9. John Ruskin, Giotto, and William Henry Fox Talbot
  10. Degas, Rembrandt, and Sargent

You may also be interested in the following:

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